Wednesday, November 18, 2015

National Adoption Month

Since we currently have four children who are adopted I could not miss this opportunity to share about adoption.  Adoption will be a huge theme on this blog.
This year I am going to share a short video clip from last November.
I had minor surgery two days before sharing this message, my voice is shakey, and so was I, but I think my heart comes through loud and clear.  

This year I am the one struggling to believe how much my Heavenly Father loves me.  I do not have to be loveable.  I do not have to perform a certain way.  He just loves me because I'm His child.  My own words are a powerful reminder to me of my place in His family.  
My own wounded heart has been remembering old wounds I honestly had completely forgotten,  Dealing with new rejections has a funny way of bringing back old memories.  These are the wounds my children, my husband, my family, all of us deal with in one way or another, and they are the wounds I long to have healed by the only One who can heal the broken hearted.  


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