Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Let's Begin

Almost every week someone tells me I should write a blog, or "when you write your blog" or even "when you write your book."  This is the beginning, it is my journey, my story.  While I hope it encourages and blesses others it is mostly for me and my family.  This is a far bigger learning curve than just writing a facebook post, so here's to small beginnings.  
All my life I have chased wounded hearts.  I chased my mom's wounded heart, I chase my husband's wounded heart, I chase my children's wounded hearts, and Jesus has chased my wounded heart.  I don't claim to have any answers for the wounded heart, except for Jesus, I simply seek to share our journey.
Our home is BUSY, so I will not commit to a blogging schedule.  I will simply share the journey. Some posts will be about the current day, some will be reflections on the journey before I started blogging.  I will seek to share my heart and be transparent in every post.  
Our current home consists of nine people.  Mom, Dad, four boys 13, 11, 9, & 8, & three girls 10, 4, & 2.   We have dentist appointments, eye appointments, meals to cook, laundry, homework, and all the other stuff that families deal with everyday. We also have weekly counseling appointments, wounded hearts are messy.
My plan is to introduce you to the wounded hearts, and share the stories that weave our lives together.  Eventually, I will learn to add pictures and the fun stuff to my blog, but since the beginning of it is the important thing, lets begin!

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